December 22


Apart and yet together

Yet another special year
Of meeting mainly online 
With patience, open mindedness
And flexibility
You managed to move forward 

Sometimes you wrestled
So did we

Sometimes you hesitated
So did we

It was not always easy and natural
Encountering each other
On flat screens

Being apart and yet together
In this funny space
Of virtuality

You discovered 
What’s possible online
Even enjoyable

With curiosity you experimented
Uncovering a path forward 
To meet and work together 

On your initiatives and projects
Shaping solutions in conversation
Connecting with each other 
Professionally and humanly
Being mindful on how you work together 

A new year is on the horizon
Your contribution will matter
What you will do 
And how
With passion and creativity

Fly on

Take care of
How you create spaces 
That feel safe, inviting and inspiring 
How you support each other
How you are together 

So will we

We are happy to accompany you, support you,
walk some steps alongside with you.

THANK YOU for allowing us to do so!

With our best wishes,
Corinne and Nadia

Upcoming opportunities: Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive will start on January 18.

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash


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