Coaching & Co-Facilitation

Individual Support for your Facilitation Challenge

Are you looking for a sparring partner to support you in the preparation, the design and facilitation of your next event, learning or co-creation process?

A big gig, tricky conditions, a challenging group - whatever makes you feel nervous, overwhelmed or clueless - don’t let it stop you in bringing your event or process alive! 

Imagine you could have a sparring partner, coach or mentor by your side supporting you during your preparation work, cheering you on and giving your valuable inspiration and tips. 

We are happy to support you in your facilitation challenge, online, hybrid or offline. We accompany you in developing and designing your meeting, workshop or training to fit the purpose, people and context. We use simple, creative and interactive tools and guide you to always have your focus on the people, the purpose and the process. We will give you competent methodological advice on your concrete situation, simple yet powerful ideas on how to bring your event alive in an interactive and creative way. If you wish, we step in and co-facilitation with you during your event.

You will get first hand the best of all we know about facilitation, because we love to support others in becoming just as competent and fascinated about the possibilities of facilitating collaboration and learning as we are.

Let us discuss further details how we can work together in a collaborative way as facilitation partners.