June 28


Facilitate engagement because people love to engage.

You clearly master the art of spilling the energy over to people through a screen, that was amazing!

That was the wonderful feedback from one of our alumni of Bringing Your Online Workshops Alive. “Spilling the energy over to people through a screen” means that the energy was in the online room. That the whole group was engaged. That everyone contributed to the joint reflection.

People love to engage. 

This is our assumption. This is our experience. This is what we see and hear in our workshops. People are happy to engage. 

When they are engaged, human beings thrive. 
In engagement beautiful things can happen. 
That is amazing and magic. 

Why engagement in meetings and workshops makes all the difference.

In order to discuss what matters

People don’t want to waste their precious time in meetings that are not relevant to them. They want to engage in real challenges and questions that concern them. They want to have conversations about things that matter to them, what is useful and meaningful. People don’t want to be on the receiving end. Meetings that can be consumed as a Netflix series are simply not good enough. 

How to make this possible?

Ask. Involve. Listen.

By reaching out and inviting in, you can learn what people can contribute in terms of experiences, knowledge, know-how, questions, challenges and needs. 

In order to get to the really good stuff 

You are not calling for a meeting for talking about obvious ideas or hearing a few voices and precooked solutions. Why meet for what you already know? 

You want to dig for the really good stuff. You want to unpack the ideas you did not know would exist. You want to find insights you could not formulate in convincing sentences by yourself. 

This is possible. In order to get to the really good stuff in your meetings, workshops, seminars, webinars you need to activate the potential that is sitting in the online room. 

The people.

With those you invite to engage, you co-create the really good stuff. You want and need everyone to contribute their perspectives, experiences, and ideas to a conversation. Engaging everyone means facilitating engagement.

In order to create energy for action 

If you see a meeting as a precious moment of joint thinking, coordination, exchange and learning in a collaborative process then you know it’s all about what happens next. You meet for a reason. And this reason is most probably linked to a larger process beyond the meeting. 

Build action steps and solutions with those you invite because they need to own it. They need to do it. Involve and co-create solutions to create ownership.

You want everyone to leave the meeting with more energy. More energy to tackle the next steps.

Facilitate engagement because people love to engage. 

And the energy will spill over to everyone involved. Even though the screen.

So what will you do in your next meeting to create more engagement and to spill energy over to everyone?

Not sure? We have lots of ideas. Reach out for a chat. We love to help.

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