Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive: 
Confident, Creative & Convincing! 

Your time spent in meetings and workshops is precious. You want to make sure that they are well designed, fulfil their purpose, give energy and connect people - even if your colleagues and partners work in different locations.

Dynamic and engaging collaboration is possible in the virtual world!

Let us show you how. We want to boost your confidence and creativity, so you can make a difference. 

Have a look at our offers. Let yourself be inspired and supported.

About Us

We are two experienced, motivated and adventurous facilitators that have been on a mission for many years to bring meetings alive where everyone leaves energized and inspired. We love people and the potential every single person brings to a group. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration that builds on the diversity of people, ideas, and opinions. Our facilitation practice tells us that real participation and deep conversation are possible in both worlds, face-to-face workshops and live online workshops.

Nadia von Holzen, learning moments

Corinne Sprecher, begegnungsreich

They Say

Dr. Astrid Björnsen Gurung

Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

This training shed light on the widely neglected potential of online meetings. I experienced a shift from ignorance and fear towards excitement and a certain degree of professionalism - although there still remains scope for improvement!

Meleesa Naughton

SKAT Consulting

Nadia and Corinne bring clarity and purpose to facilitating online meetings. I found the course extremely enjoyable and very much appreciated their style and insights.

Simon Degelo


A real glimmer of light at times of corona: Corinne and Nadia prove that online meetings can be participatory, productive and fun. Just within a few hours we learnt the ropes on how to facilitate such workshops on our own. Highly recommended to everybody who is fed up by boring video conferences.

Annemarie Sancar


An excellent introduction to online “handicraft”, an excellent culture of communication, a very warm atmosphere, a real motivational boost!

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